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What a way to end the week! I always look forward to a visit from Cory Doctorow. He’s a brilliant bestselling author, journalist and activist. The last time he was here, we spoke about his newest nonfiction book, CHOKEPOINT CAPITALISM.

Today, he’s here as his new science fiction novel, RED TEAM BLUES, is garnering excellent reviews, but Amazon/Audible won’t sell Cory’s audiobooks because of a pesky rule – the DRM (Digital Rights Management)- that Cory will not agree to. He’ll explain what that all means, as it’s way too involved for me to explain here. (But go to to get the book via the Kickstarter campaign.)

I promise, every time Cory Doctorow is on, it’s a fascinating conversation from which I learn a lot, and am sorry when it ends! But we’re kicking off the weekend with the news that the Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict Trump yesterday, making history. Could it be that no person here is above the law? The jury’s still out on that one!