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Most of us learned of Brian Karem through his tough questions from the White House Press Briefing Room during the former administration. His willingness to stand up to the authoritarian regime and ask important questions prompted me to invite him on this program a few times. Now he’s become one of my favorite guests.

He was here last month to talk about his new book, Free the Press and he told us he was headed to Ukraine. Now he’s back, and I want to hear all about it.He also writes a weekly column for,  and hosts a podcast, Just Ask the Question!

But before I had the chance to invite him, I saw him promoting a new film– HIS new film, Six Feet Apart,  now available on Amazon’s Prime Video. I just finished watching it and it was everything I expected from Mr. Karem- insightful while at the same time very personal, funny and charming. So we’ve got lots to talk about today…