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So many legal issues in the news, and the only law classes I ever took in college were broadcast law. That’s why I call on Lisa Graves so often. She’s brilliant, with the legal background to prove it. Today, Lisa leads, while still overseeing and ALECexposed, and other campaign that have reported truths we need to know.

She’s also worked on the inside, in the DOJ, holding a few different positions through the years. But Lisa Graves was Deputy Assistant Attorney General under both Janet Reno in the Clinton Administration and John Ashcroft in the W Bush years.

So much to talk about today. Lisa lives in Wisconsin where they’re in the final days of the WI Supreme Court elections, which will have national ramifications (she’ll explain). And I certainly want to ask about all of TFG’s legal woes that appear to be piling up around him while he seems to be the guy the Republicans will again nominate to run for president in two years.

Like I said, lots to talk with Lisa Graves about today!