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Well that week went by quickly. I’m back from eye surgery and we have lots to talk about today.

First, another idiot with a gun shoots up an elementary school, this one in Nashville. This time it was a 28-year old woman (or a trans man, the details are still sketchy) who killed three children and three adults before the cops finally put the killer down. I have no more words for this.

And this comes as Floriduh’s legislature is pushing a bill through the process to do away with gun permits and training for concealed carry! Who needs a freaking permit, or lessons how to correctly handle a gun? Not anyone here in FlahDuh. Unreal.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what’s being destroyed here in the Sunshine State. So I’m thrilled that Rebekah Jones returns to the program today. She’s the Florida scientist and whistleblower who exposed fraud in Florida’s COVID-19 reporting, and has been attacked, vilified, doxxed and defamed by DeSantis and his army of trolls ever since. I’m glad that she’s still speaking out and hasn’t let the fascists silence her.