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We’re covering a lot of ground today. First, we must deal with the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

My initial impression upon hearing that the government would make all depositors whole despite FDIC only covering up to $250k was to go ballistic. Again with the billionaire and banker bailouts while the little guy like you and me gets screwed – and most definitely not in a good way? Well, that’s not necessarily what’s happening.

Writer Dave Johnson lives in Silicon Valley and just posted to a listserv we’re both on,

“I live a few blocks from Atherton where many of the libertarian Silicon Valley VC and types live. When I open my door I can hear screams for government bailouts from my house. They started this morning and it’s getting so bad I have to wear earplugs when I go for a walk.”

We’ll find out if he was kidding or not, and what is really happening here at the beginning of the show.

Then it’s time for Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!  Well, Spencer Brown and Jeff Manabat, better known as The Kinsey Sicks members Trampolina and Trixie will join us. The Kinsey Sicks just started a month-long run of performances of their new show, “Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!” Yes we’ll have some fun, but we’ll also talk about the horrible attacks on shows like their and the giant leap backwards being attempted by too many authoritarian Republicans in this country today. Now go check out their YouTube channel.

So many videos to watch, so little time!