When it rains it pours, and I’m not even in California anymore.
After yesterday’s long-awaited decision on the former guy’s non-immunity, there was another opportunity to almost feel sorry for Republicans.
The new, inexperienced and in-over-his-head Speaker of the House learned nothing from his Democratic predecessor who NEVER brought a vote to the floor without knowing she had the votes to win, lost… spectacularly. Of course, the assist goes to Rep Al Green of Texas, who left his hospital bed to vote, causing a tie, and another GQP loss.

When I get through the new news, we’ll dip into the old news as I reconnect with an old friend. Actually, an old boss!
I came across Charlie Seraphin‘s new book on Facebook with some curiosity. I think the last time I saw Charlie was the day I left the CBS radio building in Los Angeles for my new job at KLOS in June of 1990!

The book the piqued my curiosity is called THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE: WRITE YOUR OWN OBITUARY. OK, we’ll talk about it.