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The studio gremlins got me again today, but we won!

Marcy Wheeler lives in Ireland these days, so my showtime of 5pm ET is a bit late for her to come on during the live show. So we taped the interview early this morning. Thankfully the gremlins hadn’t yet attacked.

In fact, they stayed away until 4:45, when the audio went berserk. I restarted the computer as many times as I could while deleting audio drivers and hoping they’d update and miraculously fix themselves. No such luck.

Long story short… I fashioned a workaround so the audio stream to and from Progressive Voices was good (whew!), and directed those watching the video streams without audio bring up the sound in another window,.

Anyway, as they say, I was able to pull it together in post… So, the audio of the show is on the podcast and posted above. And I posted the interview as it was recorded directly to youtube, and that’s embedded below.  And I fixed the sound…. so we’re all good for Laffy tomorrow.