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I’m so sick of seeing laudatory stories about the bigot, racist, fascist governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis is a bully who believes his point of view is the only valid viewpoint and any other thoughts or ideas are therefore “woke,” “indoctrination,” or some other nonsense he spews every time he opens his ugly mouth. Just when you think he can’t go any lower, he does something else despicable. The latest? In response to last week’s protests of his actions in Tallahassee, he pushed through an order to disallow such protests in the future, damn your first amendment rights. (Don’t you know that first amendment rights are only afforded to those who agree with his bigotry.) The main headline the front page of today’s Miami Herald is “Florida’s battleground but not for votes: It’s the civil rights left vs. anti-woke right”.

The byline is Mary Ellen Klas, the Herald’s Capitol bureau chief who’s covered Florida for most of her career. I invited her on after reading today’s lead story, and seeing his latest act of retaliation against those who dare to oppose him.

We awoke this morning, Presidents Day, to the news that President Biden was on the ground in Kyiv, meeting with President Zelinsky.

We send thoughts and prayers to Jimmy Carter. Yes, this is the appropriate time for thoughts and prayers…