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This week the Extreme Supreme Court heard two consequential cases that could affect millions of same sex married couples, and could enable state legislatures to upend our election systems, potentially allowing what Trump attempted in 2020 but couldn’t.

Today, we’re joined by friend of the show Lisa Gravesexecutive director/founder of TrueNorthResearch, who served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General under AG’s Janet Reno and John Ashcroft in the Clinton and W Bush administrations, so she knows of what she speaks!

She’ll also weigh in on the possible criminal referrals to DOJ by the 1/6 committee, and the strange provision attached to the NDAA that seems to give more cover to Supreme Court justices and their families to sidestep ethics rules.

And of course, there’s the news that broke early this morning that Kyrsten Sinema is not a Democrat. Didn’t we already know that? (I know this is different, but I had to say it!)