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Desi Doyen is my guest today for the whole hour. I know, she was just here, in studio, with Brad Friedman for some Thanksgiving Week fun and frivolity, but today it’s a serious conversation about the weather.

No, not “the weather” but climate change.

For some reason, the corporate mainstream media has shirked its responsibility to inform us of actual news! Like the once-every-five-years release of the National Climate Assessment. This was only the fifth one ever. Its goal is to help us survive the catastrophic changes wreaking havoc on the planet already. I didn’t see coverage of its release anywhere other than on the BradBlog/BradCast/GreenNewsReport! (That’s not to say there wasn’t coverage; just that I didn’t see any of it, and I’m a voracious consumer of news media.)

And then there’s COP 28 which got underway this week in the UAE. Not seeing coverage of that either.

So, Desi Doyen, the woman behind the Green News Report joins me to tell us about both of those.

Of course, there’s some breaking news today. Norman Lear died. He shaped my young sensibilities! I got to interview him once – in April of 2007. I’ll share that interview tomorrow, before Howie Klein’s regular Thursday visit. And will certainly ask Howie to share some stories about him. Norman Lear was the founder of People for the American Way, on whose Board Howie sits. Kevin McCarthy resigning, Taylor Swift Time’s Person of the Year. We’ll talk about the weather… (If only I could play music on here….)