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Today’s live show was all fubar on YouTube, so I deleted it and uploaded the video from the interview… Enjoy!

We last spoke one year ago today, and I’m thrilled they’ve returned for another visit in what is now a holiday tradition on the Nicole Sandler Show. The Marsh Family is Ben and Danielle and their four kids, Alfie Thomas, Ella and Tess, and they’re the 21st century’s answer to the Von Trapp Family Singers, without the drama.

I can’t think of a family I’d rather celebrate with this time of year (with the exception of my own). I’ll share a small sample of their brilliant talents today, but encourage you to go to their YouTube channel and spend a while with this lovely family. By the way, they work miracles in bringing smiles to the faces of whomever is watching their work. An extra added bonus: this year, the Marsh Family’s songs helped educate me regarding England’s political and labor issues… it’s nice to see it’s not only the US suffering through all of this nonsense!