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This would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so tragically sad! The attention whore Donald Trump was promoting a huge announcement for today, with people watching his sputtering newly-launched 2024 campaign wondering how he’ll try to redeem himself. But that wasn’t it at all! Donald Trump is, above all else, a con man. And today’s actually not-so-big announcement was merely another way to bilk his followers of more money while showing absolutely no shame. It’d be quite amazing if it weren’t so tragically sad!
Perhaps Howie Klein will have a few things to say about Don’s latest con. Or the recent polls showing TFG getting trounced in a 24 primary cage match by the other Floriduh man, Rhonda Santis.

But I must revert to his other nickname, Governor Death Sentence, when I tell you about his newest con… trying to out wingnut TFG by announcing an investigation into the companies that created the Covid 19 vaccines (that saved millions of lives??), and his formation of a new anti-science alternative to the CDC and FDA. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

I’m quite preoccupied with both of those surreal stories that cannot really be happening…. perhaps Howie Can tell us the latest about the former crypto-King, fighting extradition from the Bahamas, Scam Bankman Greed/Fraud.