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Of course there’s a Hurricane Nicole headed straight for South Florida on this final day before the end of the 2022 Midterm season. It’s just the perfect metaphor for the shit storm that is this election, this state, and the orange menace who lives right on the beach just north of where I’m at. Come on Nicole, let’s make a direct hit on Mar a Lardo!

Meanwhile, tropical storm force winds are predicted for this area tomorrow, election day. That’s ok, because hopefully all of us Dems voted early; it’s only the Trumpers who insist on voting on election day because …. own the libs? Who knows?

I’ve been collecting some closing argument ads that I’ll share today, and Professor Harvey J. Kaye is here to put the final touches on these elections before we insert the fork.

Here’s my pick for the best closing ad of the campaign. Share it please!