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Deborah Ben Aderet grew up in Illinois, but moved to Israel a dozen or so years ago. She met her husband there, they had two children and lived on a Kibbutz just a few miles north of the Gaza border. She’s my guest today. We’re not going to talk politics, but instead Deborah will tell us about life in Israel, life on a Kibbutz, life near the Gaza border where they were under constant rocket attacks serious enough so that every home in the area has a safe room designed with fortified walls to protect against the regular barrage incoming from Gaza. But the rooms didn’t have locks, as they weren’t designed to protect from a house to house massacre by terrorists, just from incoming rocket attacks.

There are so many misconceptions and flat-out disinformation being spread like wildfire via the internet. Deborah is here today to debunk the lies, tell the truth, tell what she and her family lived through just about a mile from the Gaza border before and on October 7.


The YouTube video is still up, though I have a sneaking suspicion that they will take it down soon. Here it is for now:


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