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One more week in this election season, and it can’t end soon enough. If sensible people ever regain power, they really must shorten our election seasons, because this has gotten ridiculous already. And with tensions riding so high, I’d expect the worst in the final stretch.

I’m afraid the crazy man who attacked Paul Pelosi won’t be the last right-wing extremist to get violent. There’s a lot of news happening today. I’ll attempt to deal with much of it…

I’ll call on Lisa Graves today… She’s my go-to legal expert, as she served in a number of capacities within the US Dept of Justice, including as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for nominations under both Janet Reno and John Ashcroft… She’ll weigh in on the Supreme Court’s hearing yesterday on the future of Affirmative Action, plus two rulings they handed down today (Lindsey Graham must testify in GA; Trump slithers out of having to turn over his tax returns, again, at least for now). The victims of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS shooting in Parkland get to tell the murderer exactly what they think of him today before he’s officially sentenced to 36 life sentences with no parole. Elon Musk is driving away tons of Tweeters from Twitter. Israel is voting in its 5th election in four years and could return Netanyahu to power. And it’s November! Voting ends in seven days, and open enrollment for Obamacare through the ACA has begun at I think that’s enough to get us started….