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Do you remember the term “tough love”? It was a behavior modification approach to troubled teens popularized in the last century. Sort of a last resort for kids that just don’t learn from their mistakes and keep getting into the same kinds of trouble repeatedly.

Well, today on the show, I speak with Ed Burmila, who holds a PhD in political science, and has written about and taught American politics for years, is the author of the new book, Chaotic Neutral: How the Democrats Lost Their Soul in the Center.  The book seems to suggest putting that tough love practice into action.

To be more accurate, he calls out the party on all the mistakes they keep making, and identifies the eight pathologies that are at the core of why the Democrats are their own worst enemy.

So don’t get angry at what we’ll discuss today. Take it as constructive criticism for the party that needs to figure this out if they are going to rise to the occasion of saving what’s left of our American form of democracy. And did I mention that the book is funny? Perhaps I’ll have time to share a few passages… we also have some news to cover too!