This monumental week ends with more bombshell news reports of the president using his presidential powers to coerce foreign leaders to help Trump take down his political opponents.

The Supreme Court today announced they will hear an abortion rights case this term. Today’s guest, Jenny Brown, joins in to discuss her new book, “Without Apology: The Abortion Struggle Now“.

*****Before today’s show began, I posted this:

As I prepare for today’s show, I again watched a video that popped up online yesterday, produced by Matt Orfalea.

From what I can tell, he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter who produces videos on his own.. some better than others. This new one is brilliant, in that it shows very clearly the anti-Sanders bias from the mainstream corporate media, juxtaposed with video and images that prove the words from the TV pundits clearly wrong.

I lamented that, because it’s so visual, it won’t work on radio. I decided to try it anyway today, because it’s so well-done, and really deserves to be seen. So, for those who listen to the audio only version of the show, I will describe the images that contradict the bullshit narrative promoted by these dishonest commentators….

In case you want to watch along, here’s the video, posted before the show for your convenience.


I’ll be back to post the podcast after the show….