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That old adage keeps rearing its ugly head. I know there are lots of adages that could apply here, but in this case, it’s a fairly new and sickeningly blatant tact that some in the Democratic Party are using against fellow Democrats, and it really sucks.

And although it does apply in this situation, that aspect wasn’t really covered  by the story we will talk about with Ryan Grim at the start of the show. This story focuses on the actions by and lots of money from AIPAC and DMFI (Democratic Majority for Israel).  Hakeem Jefferies, the man waiting to become Nancy Pelosi’s successor as Speaker, is up to his pockets in DMFI, but that’s an aspect of the story for another day.

We watched during primary season as true progressives who should have won their respective races get beaten, as other (so-called) Democrats went on the attack. Make no mistake, this was a concerted effort by some “moderate” Dems (or Conserva-Dems) to destroy the progressive wing, and bolster the extremist pro-Israel flank of the party.

In a long, in depth post-mortem, Ryan Grim tells the story at The Intercept, and he joins in at the top of today’s show to tell us what happened.

Then, about last night. Marco Rubio and Val Demings met for the one and only debate of this election cycle.