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If there was a way to play music on this program without getting copyright violated, I’d open today’s show with “History Repeating” by the Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey. I couldn’t play it on the air, but I certainly could post it here. Please watch and listen. It’s really good!

I fear that we are witnessing the rise of fascism exactly as it played out in Europe in the last century, and many times before. Some of us have the responsibility of narrating the steady slide into an authoritarian dictatorship. The bad guys are plotting to continue their coup and finish what they started in 2020 by stealing the elections in 2022 and 2024. And we sit here watching it happen, powerless to do anything to stop their momentum.

This is the perfect time to call on a historian to see how off the mark I am, or not. Harvey J. Kaye is my guest today.

I’ll also ask him about the ome-two punch of op-ed pieces in the NY Times and WaPo written by Christine Todd Whitman & Miles Taylor and Max Boot, respectively. I don’t know if the two pieces were coordinated between the authors, but it’s possible. The bottom line of  both pieces is the only way out of this mess is by everyone voting for Democrats until the threat of Trump and his sycophants is really over.