Despite the gaslighting from Republicans, we know what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. We watched it unfold on live television, and lived through 10 hearings detailing the characters and actions leading up to and following the attack on the Capitol. We heard both then the two top Republicans in Congress- Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy both point the finger of blame directly at Donald Trump, before retreating to their positions of cowardice in backing off the much-deserved criticism. Power over sanity, it seems; certainly over country or constitution.
And now, we have proof that the insurrectionists are exporting their fascism, as their compadres in Brazil attempted a similar insurrection and overturning of their latest elections this weekend too. Not a surprise at all.
Today, I’m joined by a photojournalist who was at the Capitol on 1-6, covering the events of the day for Rolling Stone magazine. Nate Gowdy wound up publishing a book filled with photos that don’t lie from that horrible day. It’s simply titled, Insurrection and is available through his website at

We will begin with the aftermath of the 15 rounds of voting in the House for Speaker that wrapped up very late Friday night…. starting what promises to be an ugly next two years….