It’s Day 2 of voting for Speaker of the House. It’s been 100 years since the majority party in the US House of Representatives were unable to reach consensus on a speaker on the first ballot. As I’m writing this preparing for today’s show, they’re on the second vote of the day… after three failed votes yesterday. And at this point, it appears that the fifth vote count won’t be significantly different than the first four. The question is how low can McCarthy sink? It’s obvious he knows no shame, but this is embarrassing. With each subsequent vote, Kevin shrinks further into the abyss of no return. As I continue preparing for today’s show, I see that McCarthy now has no chance of winning in the fifth round of voting, so they move move to a sixth round next. Or not…


As promised, the song from Sandy & Richard Riccardi



And Mangy Fetlocks (aka Bruce W Nelson)



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