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It’s a Monday after a really cold weekend. I’m here in South Florida, where the mercury dipped into the 30s. I warned you about falling iguanas, but you didn’t want to believe me. Well, the warnings about them made up virtually every newscast all weekend long!

Not only did it freeze in Florida, but the Nazi’s invaded Orlando. And you’ll never believe our *governor*’s response… or maybe you will.

My guest today is former FBI agent Peter Strzok. His book, Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump is out in paperback, and he joins us today. As you’d imagine, I have lots of questions for him!

For some reason, we had tons of buffering today. So you’re probably better off listening to the audio podcast (player above) than the video, as it’s pretty jumpy today.. sorry about that!