Remember the old Memorex ads? Is it live or is it Memorex? It might have been hard to tell the difference (or not), but in the case of AI it’s quite clear. There is no comparison.
That didn’t stop a so-called comedy team from taking volumes of George Carlin’s genius work, feeding it into an artificial intelligence program with the goal of it writing a new comedy routine in his voice using events that happened since his death. Long story short: it failed. Brutally.

But the question arises where an artist like Carlin’s rights end. His daughter Kelly Carlin is fighting back, and she’ll join us for the second half of the show today to talk about this inanimate can of worms.  Find Kelly on Xitter and Instagram. Or go to her outdated website at and sign up for her emails. You’ll get all the info you need!

We’ll begin the show today with GottaLaff ( No, she’s not here, but she’s tooting up a storm today. (That’s what you do on Mastodon — toot, as opposed to on Xitter where Laffy no longer Xits for obvious reasons named Elon Musk.) She’s live-tooting the EJ Carroll defamation trial in NYC today, where el Trumpo is sitting in the courtroom making noises, pissing off the judge along with his so-called attorneys.