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It is Martin Luther King Jr Day, a legal holiday, so I’m taking part of the day off. I’ll explain when I start the show live, as usual, at 5ET/2PT.

We’ll talk a bit about the holiday and the right’s hypocrisy and selective use of one singular quote from Dr. King, as if it’s the only thing he ever said…

Then, we’ll see how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I like to go back through the archives of my show and see what we were talking about on this date in years past. Well, 10 years ago today, economist and MMT proponent Warren Mosler joined me to talk about Modern Monetary Theory (before I ever met Stephanie Kelton).

But the main topic of our discussion was just what we’re dealing with today: the Republicans’ threats to blow up the global economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, thereby defaulting and tanking the good faith and credit of the United States.

Just amazing…