Imagine a world a peace. A world where warfare is not the go-to strategy when conflict arises.

It’s an especially important vision today, when Iraq is, once again, a bloody mess. And it sickens me even more because the US is wholly responsible for that.

Author and activist David Swanson, and retired Naval Commander and former national president of Veterans for Peace Leah Bolger joined me today to talk about this new project they’re working on, World Beyond War: a global movement to end all wars.

If ever there was a truly worthy goal, that’s it. I’ve joined in to participate in their media team. I hope you’ll head over, check it out, and add your support too.

The second hour of the show always beings with an update from the Talk Radio News Service. Today, it was former Congressman Bob Ney who checked in with us. I’ve become a big fan of Bob’s since reading his book, Sideswiped – and encourage you to check it out too. Bob lived in Iran for a couple of years, leading up to the hostage crisis in 1979, and therefore has pretty good insight when it comes to the Iranian people. We talked about that today, in the context of the quest for peace… and, of course, about the deteriorating situation in Iraq as well.

Each Thursday morning, cultural HERstorian Amy Simon, the woman behind She’s History: The Most Dangerous Women in America, Then and Now, tells us something about a fabulous female that we may not know much about. Today, it was Victoria Woodhull, “the prostitute who ran for president.”

And we finished up with the first of a new regular segment on the show, featuring Stephen Goldstein, author of the just-released Dictionary of American Political Bullshit – “The No More Bullshit Minute!”. Today, we addressed the truly bullshit “signing statement.”

Tomorrow, we’re back for the Friday edition of the show. I’ll be joined by comedian Dean Obeidallah, the phone lines will be open for your calls, and we’ll once again reach back into my music radio archives, this time for an amazing conversation with and performance by Jackson Browne! Talk to you then, radio or not!