Today I begin a week guest hosting The Randi Rhodes Show.  This had been planned a while ago, as Randi is packing up and moving from Washington DC back home to South Florida.

I filled in for Randi on Friday, beginning the week-long stint a day early, as her dog Simon was not doing well.  If you’re a regular Randi listeners, you know that Simon has been ill for a month or so now. He suddenly went blind, and was diagnosed with a rare disease known as IMR.  Randi told us how she and Howard took Simon to Iowa State University, where they’re doing the best research on this disease.

Simon passed away this weekend. Randi said I could pass along the news to you. They donated him to Iowa State University so the doctors there can learn more about IMR and kidney failure.

As Randi wrote, “In Loving Memory of  the Simon dog… the biggest dog ever!!  He’s off to do Big Work in Iowa, to help heal the blind dogs of the world”