Before yesterday’s hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on gun violence began, a standoff in Alabama had already entered its second day.  A gunman boarded a school bus, killed the driver and took a five year old hostage where they are still holed up in an underground bunker.

While the hearing was in progress, a gunman killed one man and injured at least two others in a shooting in Phoenix, Arizona.

The day before the hearing, a 15-year old Chicago girl was killed by a by a gunshot while she huddled under a shelter in a Chicago park to keep out of the rain.  She had been in Washington, DC the week before to perform with her school during the inaugural festivities.

This morning, while I was talking about yesterday’s hearing on gun violence, we got word that there was yet another shooting in Texas.  An assistant district attorney was shot and killed in Kaufman County, TX.  Authorities are looking for two suspects.


Cliff Schecter and John Fuglesang joined in the conversation this morning.