An Iraqi mourner waves an old flag of Iraq during the funerals of victims killed in clashes with security forces in Falluja, January 26, 2013. (REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani)

If you’re confused about what’s happening in Iraq right now – plus Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries – you’re not alone.

The Washington Post attempts  to help us wade through it in “Why The Sunnis and Shias Are Fighting Explained in Two Minutes.” Any my first guest this morning, Robert Dreyfuss of The Nation, helped me try to make sense of  Gen. Wesley Clark’s war mongering on this program yesterday, and a little more about the situation we created in Iraq.

There was a lot to discuss with Victoria Jones during her Talk Radio News report, including President Obama’s executive orders on LGBT worker’s rights and protecting our oceans, and the latest SCOTUS rulings, including one against straw purchasers of guns! 

It’s Tuesday, that means fun with Laffy! You may have noticed the “Laffy’s Place” tab in the navigation bar above. That takes you right to The Political Carnival, where I am now also posting my work, and where Laffy welcomed me so warmly yesterday!

Today, in addition to lots of fun, we talked about the fact that today is the 20th anniversary of the infamous OJ Simpson slow speech chase through Southern California, and where we were while that was happening, a little bit about Chris Christie, and a birthday card with a conscience!

And although neither one of us is a hockey fan, we enjoyed LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s celebration of the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup!

Back tomorrow, 10-noon ET, with another live show… Radio or Not!