I just had to pop in for this special post.  Kudos to Nancy Pelosi for bringing the vote to the floor on extending the the tax cuts for households with an income under $250,000 a year.  By the way, the thing that virtually no one mentions is that everyone would get a tax break on their first $250,000 of income. People who are lucky enough to make more would just pay a higher rate on the higher earnings (which, in many cases, are not earned at all!)

One more thing before I get to the names… The only thing that would have made this more substantial would be if Pelosi introduced a companion bill to be voted on immediately after this one.  That one would extend the tax cuts for incomes of over $250,ooo annually.  That way, the Republicans would have had to vote for the “little” people too, and the Dems could have presented an almost united front by doing the right thing.

But they didn’t, so Boehner is able to call this “chicken crap” political maneuvering in his warped sense of reality.

OK…here we go.  All but three Republicans voted against doing the right thing for 98% of American.  The three who did do the right thing:

John Duncan of Tennessee

Walter B. Jones of North Carolina

Ron Paul of Texas!

Good for them.

Now for the truly heinous… So-called Democrats who voted against the best interests of the working people of America:

Brian Baird of Washington

Dan Boren of Oklahoma

Kathy Dahlkemper of Pennsylvania

Artur Davis of Alabama

Lloyd Doggett of Texas

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota

Ron Klein of Florida (perhaps this was his Fuck You to the people of his district who elected Allen West to replace him?)

Jim Matheson of Utah

Mike McIntyre of North Carolina

Michael McMahon of New York

Jerry McNerny of California

Walt Minnick of Idaho

Gwen Moore of Wisconsin

Jim Moran of Virginia

Colin Peterson of Minnesota

Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota

Bobby Scott of Virginia

Gene Taylor of Mississippi

Mike Thompson of California

Pete Visclosky of Indiana

Now go do that voodoo that you do so well…