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The annual Netroots Nation gathering came at the perfect time this year.  It followed, by two days, the stinging defeat of the recall of Scott Walker as Wisconsin’s governor, and gave us the chance to figure out what went wrong and regroup as we head toward November.  

The really odd thing is that the exit polls showed solid support for President Obama’s re-election, yet many of the same people who support Obama voted to retain Walker!  The big reason floated in the days the followed was recall fatigue (my name for it, anyway).  Many Wisconsinites seemed to be over the recall madness. After all, there have been three this year alone!  And 60% of those voters said that recalls should be used only in the case of official misconduct.  (Stay tuned Wisconsin… too bad this election couldn’t have been scheduled a month or two later!).

Anyway, late Saturday night, in the final hour of the last party at the end of Netroots Nation, I happened upon a discussion of what really happened in Wisconsin.  Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy (based in Madison, WI) and a frequent guest on this program had another theory.  She’ll join me in the second hour of the show this morning to explain!

In the first hour, I’ll explore the latest news, from a new PPP poll showing that the majority of us know that the GOP is sabotaging the economy to defeat President Obama in November, to Rick Voldemort Scott’s insanity and more..  Plus, a conversation with Mark K. Shriver about his new book, A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver.