It was a bittersweet ending to one of TV’s smartest, funniest shows ever. Thankfully, we haven’t lost Stephen Colbert forever, but his fictional alter-ego is now one for the history books. And I’ll never hear “We’ll Meet Again” in the same way….

Today, Americans are outraged that we seem to have given in to blackmail courtesy of North Korea, as Sony Pictures decided to give into the hackers’ demands to kill their planned Christmas Day release of “The Interview.” As of now, there are no plans to release it in any form, as per the instructions of the new masters of the world.

One listener was so angered by this action that he wanted to rant about it a bit, so I invited businessman Ron Sherman on to vent this morning. And I let him know he’s not alone.

George Clooney is among the many Americans outraged – not only that our First Amendment rights are being dictated by a twerp like Kim Jong Un, but that everyone else ran for cover for fear that they might be hit next.

Clooney tells Deadline Hollywood  that he had been circulating a letter to the powers that be in Hollywood, hoping to get them to stand together with Sony. Sadly, he found the opposite.

We also talked Cuba today, as the fear-mongering South Florida Republicans are trying to convince you that the world will end if we normalize relations with Cuba. Maybe they should have threatened to blow up a movie theater, and we’d back off?

Two quick points: When Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart or his brother, former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart are interviewed about their feelings about US-Cuba relations, they must disclose that Fidel Castro is their uncle (something I’ve not seen disclosed anywhere during this news cycle), and that, for them, this is personal.

And although Marco Rubio has claimed in his official bio that his parents fled Castro’s Cuba, that’s not the truth. They left Cuba in 1956, while Batista still ruled and Castro was in Mexico.

Who would trust anything these people have to say?

Ready for Warren

The movement to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for president is growing. Today, I checked in with Charles Lenchner, one of the people behind the push to find out how it’s going.

Flashback Friday

Today, we went back to the holiday season of 1994 for our musical transition into the weekend. During that time, at KSCA fm 101.9, we asked each of our guests to perform a holiday song that we could play on the air through the season, so we got some gems!

Today, I featured Bruce Cockburn‘s Nov. 24, 1994 appearance with me, followed by Everything But the Girl from Dec. 5. Enjoy!

I’ll be back Monday… radio or not!