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Thanks to the immensely talented Shane-O, Radio or Not has a new home.  In these first few days, we’ll likely be working out a few bugs, so please report any problems you encounter either via email or in the comments section below.  But please explore the site and, more importantly, share it with everyone you think might be interested in what we do here.

I’m still learning my way around here, so bear with me….

We have a great show this morning.  Back by popular demand, Amy Simon of She’s History will weigh in on the war against women (and the GOP denial of such).   Of course, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, so a visit from my favorite mom and cultural herstorian is necessary!

Regular listeners of my show know that my chat room is filled with people unhappy (to put it lightly) with President Obama, who have stated unequivocally that they will be voting for the Green Party candidate for President, Dr. Jill Stein.  Dr. Stein will be my guest in the second hour of today’s show, so I hope you’ll tune in for that..

Once again, welcome to the new site, and big thanks to Shane-O (who’ll have some amazing news to share very soon)!

**Update** It figures, the day we premiere the new site, Ustream is hacked. Apparently, a citizen journalist in Russia who’s been showing the protests was the target. So, ustream was down for many people today. The podcast, however, is full…