Shep Smith


I don’t often quote Shepard Smith but, then again, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. This time, he hit the nail on the head. Politics is weird and creepy.

It used to be that journalist were apolitical. They were able to maintain their objectivity when reporting.

But in today’s world in which the vast majority of media outlets are owned by a handful mega corporations with their own political agendas, “objective journalism” has approached extinction.

I never pretended to be objective, but I am honest, and freely (and regularly) criticize whomever warrants criticism. And false claims of journalistic objectivity piss me off. Show me a journalist who claims to take no sides, and nine times out of ten, I’ll show you one whose bias is apparent.

That’s the case on SiriusXM POTUS channel’s “The Press Pool with Julie Mason.” I listen occasionally when in my car as there’s nothing else that’s garnered my interest on at the same time, and that channel is supposed to objectively cover the world of politics. But it seems as if every time I turn on that show, Julie Mason says something that smacks of right-wing partisanship.

Yesterday, when talking about Wendy Davis’ ad attacking Greg Abbott’s efforts to deny people with disabilities from receiving the same benefits he received after being paralyzed by a falling tree branch.

Mason recounted right-wing reaction to the ad (“Disgusting”), as her guest, Tom Gillman, Washington Bureau Chief of the Dallas Morning News, explained that her ad was factually spot on. She acted as if she didn’t hear him, and continued with a ridiculous pronouncement:

“I can’t remember when someone in a wheelchair was portrayed negatively”

I nearly drove off the road. MAX CLELAND!!!


When I did pull over, I tweeted her:

And followed it up with

She replied by telling me that she’s a journalist and therefore has no opinion one way or another. I’d have just embedded her tweet here, but she deleted it, obviously aware of how idiotic she came across.

I replied to her now-deleted tweet

and the rest of the exchange went like this:

And one final word

In case she needs some material for her show this afternoon, even the Fox station in Houston can’t deny that the ad is accurate…


Yes, politics is weird… and creepy!

But sometimes, good people break through. One of my favorite authors/columnists is Thomas Frank, now out from behind the paywall so everyone can read his brilliance at Today we talked about his latest column, an interview with Elizabeth Warren, his interview with Bernie Sanders, his take on the Kansas gubernatorial race, and more.

I’ll be back tomorrow, with Crooks & Liars’ Susie Madrak, and Norman Solomon who, with Marcy Wheeler, has a great piece up at The Nation about a real journalist, James Risen, and the government’s “war” against him.