Monte Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons.

Monte Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons.


Giants like The Nation and The Atlantic (who just bestowed their first presidential endorsement since Lincoln), find themselves flooded with anecdotal cases of Voter Oppression. Or, as I prefer to call it, identifying fraud committed ON the American voter in the name of justice.

We all know that white, male, American-since-conception and of possibly xenophobic natures have gleefully depressed and repressed the minority and female vote in this country. We don’t even have a Boadicea, a Queen Elizabeth I, a Catherine the Great or even a Maggie Thatcher or Angela Merkel to give us a better experience of what women’s equality should look like.

orwell-politicalspeechWe are too busy disenfranchising seniors and people of color to pay much mind to history. Huge national fault line, that.

The Nation headline read that a 90 year-old Wisconsin lady was openly disenfranchised (multiple times) by the state’s lousy excuse for a voter restriction election law.  Yay. And under which prohibitive voter identification restrictions can even bounce someone off their rolls who has graced them since 1948.

What the holy what?!? Read on.

From Ari Berman at The Nation.

A 90-Year-Old Woman Who’s Voted Since 1948 Was Disenfranchised by Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law

Voting-rights groups are asking a federal court to block the law before the November election.
By Ari Berman


Christine Krucki was born in Lublin, Wisconsin, in 1925. She first voted in the 1948 presidential election and has voted ever since. She’s an independent who has voted for John F. Kennedy but also Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. But after Wisconsin passed its strict voter-ID law in 2011, Krucki lost her right to vote. She made three trips to the DMV, bringing an Illinois photo ID, proof of residence in Wisconsin, a birth certificate and her marriage certificate but could not get a Wisconsin photo ID for voting.

Hope Ms. Krucki of deeply disturbed Wisconsin tells the miserable alt-right precisely where they could from now on stash their piss-poor exclusions and electoral prohibitions.

Krucki made a third trip to the DMV, but could still not get a voter ID because the maiden name on her Illinois marriage certificate did not match the name on her Wisconsin birth certificate. They said she’d have to change the name on her Illinois marriage certificate. “She almost went over the counter at the DMV, she was so mad,” her daughter told me.