Yesterday I posted Bernie Sanders in his own words on health care. cc: Chelsea, a rebuttal to claims made by Ms. Clinton about Bernie Sanders’ health care plan. I included two videos and some links. I don’t usually jump in like this, nor do I like to exacerbate Dem vs Dem conflicts. However, I made an exception here because there are statements out there that are not accurate and need attention.

Today, Senator Sanders was interviewed by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts about those very misrepresentations. Here is Sanders correcting the record in his own words:

And via TPM:

During an interview on CNN following the State of the Union address Tuesday night, Sanders said that Chelsea Clinton’s characterization of his program was wrong.

“Unfortunately, I have to say, as much as I admire Chelsea, she didn’t read the plan,” he said. “And where she is absolutely wrong — this is a plan that works in 50 states in this country, whether you have conservative Republicans or progressive Democrats. It’s a national program.”

Finally, a h/t to  for finding this ironic (given the current circumstances) image from 1993:

bernie sanders hillary clinton thanks health care

“To Bernie Sanders with thanks for your commitment to real healthcare access for all Americans and best wishes.”

And now this: