Veterans Day was officially yesterday – November 11 , but we’ll talk about it today on both my show and Randi Rhodes‘! We honor those who served our nation while, at the same time, hope we never send more men & women to war.  So, Leah Bolger, president of Veterans for Peace will join me on both shows today.

On my show, we’ll talk about the latest casualty in the world of progressive talk radio.  On Friday evening, Clear Channel flipped Portland’s KPOJ to sports.. deja vu all over again.

Florida’s 29 electoral votes were finally awarded to President Obama!  We’ll talk about what took so long with BradBlog‘s Brad Friedman.

On Randi’s show, we’ll speak with The Nation’s Ari Berman about How the GOP’s War on Voting Backfired! 

And Forbes’ Rick Ungar will fill us in on the “fiscal cliff” and I’ll back up Chris Hayes’ idea that it should be called the fiscal curb instead…

And I put together another farewell to former Congressman Allen West!