Ok, quickie post today with links to guests and topics only, as I got a call this morning asking me to pinch hit for Randi Rhodes again today.  So…. busy day!

First of all, Elvis Costello was great last night.. I’ll talk a bit about it on the show this morning, along with the thing that pisses me off every time I go to a concert!

And second, big apologies to Shane-O and Danielle for leaving my ustream encoder on yesterday, forcing them off the air until I could reach my daughter and have her shut down my computer last night. That WON’T happen again!

Now on to the first of two shows today:

At least two of my pals, Aaron Krager and Dave Johnson, were in Detroit yesterday for the annual GE Shareholders Meeting (the same way I attended the Carnival meeting a couple of weeks ago)….  Read their respective coverage of it at the above links, and listen for Aaron’s account at the beginning of the show.

Then, if you haven’t already realized it, the BP spew in the Gulf  two years ago is still an ongoing unmitigated disaster, you’re wearing blinders.  Just read this sickening report from Antonia Juhasz for The Nation… and listen, as she joins me this morning (and hopefully on Randi’s show this afternoon too.)And finally, it’s Thursday – the end of  the broadcast week for The Nicole Sandler Show.

I usually try to end the week with some laughs. Today, they”ll be provided by the always funny Maysoon Zayid!

***Last minute change **** Maysoon had a family emergency so she had to cancel (we’ll get her back on one morning next week). In her place, I called on Tim Karr of FreePress.net and SaveTheInternet.com to talk about CISPA – the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act” (HR 3523).  Find out more and sign the petition against it here!


Talk to you this afternoon on the Randi Rhodes Show, with these guests:

3:30 Rick Ungar on the Great Social Security Lie
4:06 Rep. Raul Grijalva SB1070 & SCOTUS
4:30 Aurora Meneghello on Student Loan Hell (Writer/Director Default the Movie)
5:30 Antonia Juhasz, who was on my show this morning, back the afternoon to continue our discussion about BP’s Toxic Legacy.