I say it all the time.  Some of the shit that’s going on is so utterly unbelievable that it couldn’t be fiction, because we’d never buy it.  But Mitt Romney is surrounding himself with the same war-loving Neo Cons who enabled the madness of President George Bush II.

As I welcomed The Nation’s Ari Berman to the show this morning, I warned that his new cover story, “Mitt Romney’s Neocon War Cabinet” is more frightening than any horror movie you’ll see at the local multiplex.  In fact,  you might not want to read this near bedtime, as the nightmares of invading countless countries and further depleting our already thin monetary reserves will have you screaming for relief Freddy Krueger during your sleepless night.

Today is election day in a few states, with some real issues at stake.  In Indiana,  moderate (especially for today’s GOP) Republican Richard Lugar is in danger of losing his US Senate seat in a primary challenge to a teabagger, all because he dared to try to work with the Democratic President to prevent nuclear terrorism.  In Wisconsin, it’s primary day in the recall of Gov. Scott Walker!  And in North Carolina, the hating, homophobic bigots might win their fearful fight against happy families.

Yes, North Carolina will today decide the fate of the heinous Amendment 1 which will not outlaw same sex marriage.  That law is already on the book in NC.  What this piece of shit disguised as legislation would do is hurt in-tact families.  It would undue the laws that allow for domestic partnerships, take away essential services and rights already enjoyed by thousands of families in that state.

This morning, I welcomed Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferarra to the show. Jasmine is the executive director of the Campaign for Southern Equality, who tomorrow officially kicks of the We Can campaign.  Watch:

There were some other less-than-believable news items I shared on the show today, including Ted Nugent’s latest meltdown…

Nice guy, huh? Or not.

And then there was this… Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney, in an email to his supporters, in the 13th paragraph of a 16-paragraph letter. Nice… or not.

And finally, with a bunch of other scarier than fiction stories (see below), GottaLaff joined in for the second hour of the show from The Political Carnival

Ron Paulers could “throw the convention floor into embarrassing disarray.”

Unprovoked, partiers allegedly threw bottles at black students, evoked Trayvon Martin. Gotta rant.

Conservative Christian politician “obsessed with, not going to stop” donating sperm to mostly lesbian couples.

VIDEO: “Would you support closing corporate tax loopholes to” prevent hike in student loan interest rates? Paul Ryan: “Nope.”

VIDEO: Mitt Romney refuses to challenge supporter’s “

Oil company profits and gun sales booming. It must be that secret plot by President Obama!

VIDEO: Education Secretary Arne Duncan supports marriage equality

And , V.P. Joe Biden said he’s “absolutely comfortable” with marriage equality.

Religion, porn, and viruses, oh my!

VIDEO- Michele Bachmann: My presidential campaign was “almost mistake free.” Oh really?

Tomorrow on the show, She’s History‘s Amy Simon and Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein!