September 2023

9-26-23 Nicole Sandler’s Moving Shows #7 – The Brainwashing of My Dad with Jen Senko

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View on Zencastr This past year we saw Fox NOT News hit with $787 Million in damages after losing a defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems. Fox admitted they lied and had to pay [...]

9-25-23 Nicole’s Moving Shows #6 – Wendell Potter on (Not) Medicare DISAdvantage

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View on Zencastr It’s the end of September, so pretty soon we’ll all be inundated with ads for Medicare Advantage, as Medicare open enrollment begins on Oct 15, thru Dec 7…. Then open enrollment [...]

9-22-23 Nicole’s Moving Shows #5 – MAPS & Psychedelic and Alanis Morissette

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  View on Zencastr At this time in 1995, an artist named Alanis Morissette was climbing the charts. Her album Jagged Little Pill would hit #1 just a couple of weeks later. I was an [...]

9-21-23 Nicole’s Moving Shows #4 – Bailing Out Billionaires & Kinsey Sicks

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View on Zencastr Today we just go back to March of this year…. As you may have heard me mention, I’m moving out of Florida- in large part to the fascist ways of the [...]

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