The inimitable Horsey, The L.A. Times

The inimitable Horsey, The L.A. Times


I don’t enjoy typing that Megyn Kelly has a milligram of my support, and I’m one twitchy feminista just thinking it out loud … but that’s the perversely consistent thing about The Devil Donald, he’s an equal opportunity crass a$$hole. Behold:


Ladies, gents; we have our very own custom privée Waterloo of Political CrayCray straightaway ahead of us. This is the momento to deftly herd the Blowhard Buffoon into the Putin-rivaling maneuver that has him seated victoriously astride the shark-jumping gold Trumpian helicopter. Hair blowin’ in the winds that are about to dropkick his sorry porcine personage OUT of the game. He screwed the beloved lady pooch of Fvx Nation.

And now we have won ourselves a billionaire bully riding high who has clearly never heard of That Loser Icarus. All in aid of installing the actual Ugly American into 1600 Penn.

A rapist racist isn’t hard to find, but behind the desk of the Oval Office?? Audio preview of Trump’s bombo on Toad’s MTP. Dicque.

[He went all #BindersOfWomen also too.] Prepare to be disgusted beyond mere nausea.


Horsey, via AAEC

Horsey, via AAEC



Trump, who just lerves to phone it in in general but is taking the lazy to a new level as a ‘frontrunner’, was Firrrrst Up(!) on yesterday morning’s epidural of Red Meat the Press. Chuck Toad [glorious facial expressions alone worth the tape]  went to Megyn Kelly as fast as his little feet could take him. See you on the other side. [Warning: mind beverage exhalations.]



The ‘Uge barker cum blowhard is running this farce of a ‘campaign’  much like an over-privelaged adolescent bully boy. With no filters, zero accountability and no credit limit. Faust himself is downstairs shuddering in distaste.



Seems to me that women everywhere are compelled to gather and collectively pelt El Piggy with tampons, maxi-pads and panty-liners with handy wings — at every possible opportunity. Invite Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, Gail Collins (I KNOW!), Anita Hill, Gloria Steinem, The Dixie Chicks, ellen, and Ivana SP??? Trumpette aka Sexual Assault Victim Wife No. 1 de Trump.

A Trump presidency would definitely include the sporting of that Wonder Womanesque WWF Gold Waist Cincher Belt. Coveted by bullies globally, but it’s hard to top, twerk with or effectively trump TheTrump.

The Donald defines the term de trop. Eternally too much of too little.

Even the associated Rethugs see into the rancid core of their Richy Rich foe and shudder at the unplumbed depths of disgust yet to see social media illumination.

Chan Lowe, via AAEC and @chanlowe

Chan Lowe, via AAEC and @chanlowe

The good Reverend Mikey Huckleberry of Arkansaw was queried about the Megyn v Donald asshattery and was moved to pronounce, “He attacked the woman [at Fvx Nation] you just don’t tangle with!” Randy Paul The Younger piled on with cries of “Vulgarity, vulgarity!” to Mike Wallace yesterday morning.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted, “.@RealDonaldTrump unrelenting & offensive comments about @MegynKelly puts the @GOP at a crossroads w/Mr. Trump,” and gave surprisingly rational disinviter Eric Erickson props.

Laura Ingraham even saw the GOP falling apart like Humpty Dumpty if Trump is allowed to smash up the remainder of their museum quality china shop. Or start a war with China whilst campaigning.

It’s official, now. Bernie Sanders is verifiably The Anti-Trump.