If you don’t know who Buddy Roemer is, you’re not alone.  But he was a Blue Dog (before they were a caucus) in the House, then a Democratic and a Republican Governor of Louisiana, and he’s now among the throngs of declared GOP primary candidates vying for their party’s nomination.

Buddy Roemer intrigued me, mostly due to his supposed declared disdain for the corporate influence in politics and his pledge to never take a campaign contribution from a PAC or an individual contribution of more than $100.  But he blew that one at the end of our conversation this morning when I pressed him for an answer on whether or not he supported the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling (which allows unfettered corporate donations without attribution).  He finally admitted he did.  Oh well….

The one man I can usually count on to always have my back (my fiancé), told me I was too rough on Buddy.  I really didn’t set out to be.  His answers just pissed me off…  Oh well, listen to the interview (it starts just about 20 minutes into the show) and decide for yourself.  My conclusion was that there isn’t a sane candidate on that side of the aisle.

Unfortunately, most of the media in this country sits on that side of the aisle too.  I graduated from college many moons ago, but when I studied journalism and broadcasting, we were taught the meaning of the word objective and its importance to anything billed as news.   I can’t name a single “news” organization today that adheres to that rule, although some are more blatant about their biases than others.

This morning, I invited my friend Will Bunch on the show after seeing his latest missive on the Attytood blog at the Philadelphia Daily News, “Big media’s shameful news brown out on the Wall Street protests“.  (By the way, if the teabaggers have you scratching your head and screaming “WTF?”,  you should read Will’s latest book, The Backlash, now out in paperback!)

And if you’d like to help out the protesters in NY, here’s how you can.

I updated listeners on the latest on Troy Davis, a likely innocent man who is scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia at 7pm this evening.   Seriously, what fucking country are we living in?

And we closed out the show with a visit from my friend Dave Johnson – who blogs at Seeing The Forest and at the Campaign for America’s Future where he is a fellow, and a jolly good one at that (sorry, I can help it… I think of that ever time I hear the word).  As I first heard that the GOP would manufacture a “scandal” along the lines of Whitewater (which was a fake manufactured “scandal” too), and he’s written quite eloquently about it with “The Phony Solyndra Solar Scandal” and “Five Biggest Right Wing Lies About Solyndra“, I invited him on the show this morning to set the record straight and cut through the lies.

And yes, that’s the Campaign for America’s Future who’s hosting the Take Back the American Dream conference in Washington DC October 3-5.  And given the fact that I talk a lot about the corporate takeover of our media, it’s no coincidence that I’ll be hosting a panel entitled  “Taking Back the Media: Embracing New Media and Using it to Our Advantage” with Thom Hartmann, Sam Seder, Cliff Schecter and Tim Karr.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll wrap up the Nicole Sandler Show week with another look at the Teabaggers (I’ll start calling them the “tea party” when they refer to the Democratic party as such) with Micheal Stinson (aka @Symbolman) whose latest creation is “Malice in Wonderland: A Teaparty Fable“, and comedian John Fugelsang too!