It’s happening all over the county. We the People are finally saying “Enough!” and saying it loudly.  This is the beginning of something new. It may take a while, but the sleeping giant has awoken.

The Occupy movement will continue to be the focus of this program for the foreseeable future.

This morning, about 30 minutes before showtime, I got a call from Leah Bolger, VP of Veterans for Peace.  She was calling from the Rayburn Office Building where today’s House Armed Services Committee was meeting and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was testifying.

Leah told me that a group of the Freedom Plaza occupiers were planning to go to the public meeting, and protest our continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, while in the hallway outside the meeting room, they were told that only seven seats were available for the public.

I recorded an interview with Medea Benjamin – and later learned that all seven of the activists were arrested during that hearing. For more on the occupation of Freedom Plaza and the various protests they’re holding inWashington DC, visit

Artists of every variety are participating in the occupation of our nation.  While marching in DC last Thursday, I thought I saw comedian Lee Camp.  I found out today that it was him when he joined me on the show to talk about his Moment of Clarity about the occupation, and his performances at both Zuccoti Park in NYC, and Freedom Plaza in Washington DC.

As we do most Thursday mornings, we finished my broadcast week with a visit from John Fugelsang, who’s still touring with Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberals Comedy Tour. They play Los Angeles next week….

Don’t forget.. This Saturday is a global occupy action.  One thing you can do on Saturday is to visit and send a message to the 1%…  See you there, and back here on Monday morning!