GOP over

Yes, I meant that as a double entendre. The Benghazi scandal as a GOP tactic is over, and so is the Republican Party.

While I found the entire 11 hour spectacle offensive yesterday, one moment summed up the insanity of it all. Although this clip runs a minute, the offending part goes by quickly. I just included the surrounding stuff for reference.



‘Nuff said. But you should listen to today’s show for some more perspective from the clips I shared, and from the Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent, who missed that moment when it happened, but found it as curious as I did.  We didn’t have much time with him this morning as he was on a deadline. He had already filed this report on the hearing witch hunt; perhaps he’ll share that video later today… Stay tuned.

If you can bear it, here’s the Washington Post‘s official transcript. All. 11. hours. 

It’s Friday, so we end the week with Flashback Friday to help soothe our collective savage beast as we head into the weekend. Today our dip into my music radio vault brought forth my 1994 interview with the late JJ Cale, and my 2000 session with Colin Hay of Men at Work. Enjoy, and I’ll see you Monday, radio or not!