I actually have no idea whether or not the NSA knows how you voted, but I thought it was a clever way to put both the NSA and the fact that today is election day into one headline.

It’s an off-off election year, with a few important races.  Voters in NJ will prove that they’re idiots by re-electing the big bully, Chris Christie, and voters in Virginia are faced with a choice between a despicable human being and a laughable one.  But laughter is better than disgust, so the people of VA will likely hold their noses and vote for McAuliffe.

In Washington state, the voters can demand that any genetically modified foods are labeled as such – though the big money fighting against our right to know what we’re ingesting is pushing back hard with more than three times as much money in the game.

And voters in Portland Maine might just be the first city to say that they want their weed and, as responsible adults, it should be legal.

Stay tuned…

We did talk a bit about the NSA.  Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern just returned from a trip to Moscow with some other former national security intelligence pros turned whistleblowers and anti-secrecy activists where they met with Edward Snowden and presented him with an award. It was a fascinating conversation that everyone should hear.

And as we do every Tuesday, I chatted with GottaLaff about some of the insanity in the world, including in electoral politics and in the online anonymous Twitter world too...