So, we hoped for change… and got more of the same.  Though they tell us the difference is that it was illegal under Bush, but it’s all legal under Obama. Somehow that doesn’t comfort me when I realize that the only amendment left standing in the Bill of Rights is the Second, which has been widely misinterpreted to ignore the words “well regulated” and “militia”.

On today’s show, I finished the week discussing all of the revelations, attacks, back-asswards reasoning from Obama supporters and fake indignation from his attackers on the right, lies and excuses and more with Absurdity Today‘s Julianna Forlano and Brad Blog‘s Brad Friedman.

I’ll be back Monday with more of whatever we learn over the weekend…  and will head out to San Jose for Netroots Nation on Wednesday.  So, here’s the schedule for next week:

Monday and Tuesday, June 17-18  regular time – 10-noon Eastern

Wednesday, June 19 – Jacob Dean of Filter Free Radio will guest host  10-noon Eastern

Thursday, June 20 – Jacob Dean will guest host again from 10-12 Eastern

Thursday and Friday June 20-21  Nicole Sandler Live from Netroots Nation from 10-12 Pacific/ 1-3 Eastern

Monday and Tuesday June 24-25  Jacob Dean will guest host

Wednesday June 26 – Nicole returns to our regular show.

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