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Hell hasn’t frozen over – as it’s currently 81 degrees here in Coral Springs, FL. But today, marriage equality is a reality in Florida, despite the best efforts of Voldermort’s evil sidekick Pam Bondi and the other bigoted forces in this state who want to impose their antediluvian beliefs on everyone within spitting distance.

In fact, although Florida is now the 36th state to enter the 21st century when it comes to same-sex marriage, 14 counties in Florida have stopped performing marriages entirely so they won’t have to deal with their perceived icky prejudices.

Just in case you were wondering which 14 counties to steer clear of, Think Progress put together a handy map.

In the meantime, gay marriages have now been happening for over 12 hours and my hetero relationship is still intact. Kind of makes you wonder what the fuss was all about, huh?

This may answer some of the questions:

This morning, I spoke with Stratton Pollitzer, deputy director of Equality Florida who not only worked for years to get to this day, but will also be getting married to his partner of over 20 years tonight!

After news from Bob Ney at the Talk Radio News Service, it was time for our weekly get-together with GottaLaff. We talked about Palin’s pet problems, Bob McDonnell’s prison problem, Boehner’s boner problem and more before my AT&T problems knocked us off the air (luckily, we only had about a minute or so left in the show).

Tomorrow, more news, muse and fun with Susie Madrak and more… radio or not!