At first, I thought I was the only one giggling at the inane things that came out of the mouths of these mental midgets, but then I checked the rating! The nation was laughing too.

Historically, debates of this sort didn’t garner much attention.  But when the inmates took over the GOP asylum, the debates were appointment viewing, with drinking games anew for each and every episode.  Perhaps some were watching, hoping against hope that the trap door would open beneath each idiotic contender as they were voted off the ballot by viewers in their living rooms.

Alas, that didn’t happen.  But we did get to see for ourselves what tools many of the so-called-journalists are in their roles of debate moderators.  Take John King, for example, who last night let Newt Gingrich charge that Barack Obama voted “in favor of infanticide” without so much as a “what did you just say?”  Incredible.

And now we learn that there may be no more. Oh great…

After a quick recap of last night’s debacle debate, I moved on to the subject of the media on this morning’s show.

Sue Wilson, producer/director of the documentary Broadcast Blues has been working tirelessly on making the public airways public once again.  Listen to our interview, and check out all she has going on over at the Media Action Center.

We wrapped up our abbreviated week with John Fugelsang, talking music, politics and religion (or the perversion thereof). What more could you ask for?