Pooh and Sasha in Taos

Pooh and Sasha Sandler – Who says Dog Days are bad things?

I like dogs, so the Dog Days don’t bother me too much.  And when I get to fill in for Randi Rhodes while she’s on vacation, so much the better!!

Randi’s off for two weeks, and I’m honored to be guest hosting the entire time.  So, tune in on any of her affiliate stations, XM 246 or at randirhodes.com from 3-6pm ET – and participate by calling in to 866-76-RANDI (866-877-2634).

While I’m in for Randi, Jacob Dean of Filter Free Radio is filling in for me.  So please don’t forget to show up here at our regular time, Mon-Thu mornings from 10-noon ET and keep Jacob and Scott company!

Today on the Randi Rhodes Show, we’ll check in on the situation in Egypt with Huffington Post‘s Middle East correspondent Joshua Hersh.  See his recent articles on the turmoil there by clicking here.  

Our side has a really lousy track record of turning out to vote in midterm elections.  We have to fix that.  And we’re even worse about voting in special elections.  But there’s one coming up in Massachusetts to fill the House seat vacated by Sen. Ed Markey.  Our favorite Congressman Alan Grayson just sent out a ringing endorsement of MA State Rep Carl Sciortino, so he’ll join us for a chat this afternoon.   (BTW, Congressman Grayson will join us for a full hour to take your calls next Thursday, Aug 29, so put that in your calendar!).

And the newly-unemployed former host of Viewpoint on the network formerly known as Current, John Fugelsang, will join us. He’s really got nothing better to do.

Talk to you this afternoon!

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