The Last Great Republican

These are photos taken of some of the images projected on The Wall Saturday night when I saw Roger Waters perform the Pink Floyd concert.  In addition to being musically brilliant and visually stunning, the message was perfect for the times in which we live.  Kind of interesting, as The Wall was released in 1979...  but Roger Waters made it just as relevant today. As the song "Bring the Boys Back Home" was playing, those images flashed on  The Wall, bringing these words to the masses: "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies [...]

It’s Veterans Day, But No Holiday for the News

Wow. Where to begin today?  I guess we'll start with the story that I'm, albeit remotely, connected to. Broward County Schools Lockdown connected to incoming Congressman's Chief of Staff As I was on the air yesterday, word came that all Broward County schools were on lockdown, including the school my daughter attends.  The only information we could get at the time was that an email and a phone call to a 'local radio station' saying that someone was going to start shooting at a government building or school was deemed a credible enough threat to take this action.  Late last [...]

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