We’re Going to Disneyland!

  That's what you do after a big victory, right?  I still remember one year when I took my daughter to Disney World here in Florida.  She couldn't have been older than six.  On our way to park, we learned that day was "Gay Day" - an annual event.  My first thought was "cool, this could be a learning experience".  Except that my daughter was not at all fazed by the site of two men or two women holding hands. She had never been taught that there was anything wrong with that! This weekend, we're headed back to Disney World. [...]

DOMA is Dead

  It was nice of the Supreme Court to wait until I returned to issue their ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act.  Even better of them was ruling that DOMA is unconstitutional! As I flew in late last night from Los Angeles, I'm a bit jet-lagged and out of it, but attempted to bring you the rulings as they were announced - courtesy of SCOTUSblog.  And Jacob Combs of Courage Campaign and Equality on Trial joined in with some perspective too. You can read the actual DOMA ruling here - with Justice Kennedy writing the opinion for the majority! [...]

A Tale of Two TV Talkers (and more news you can use)

I offer for your comparison the two TV talkers pictured above.  On the left, we have Jon Stewart, the unlikely champion of disseminating news and information to the masses in the most accessible way possible!  On the right, a blowhard propagandist on the cable network bought and paid for by the Republican Party who wouldn't know a fact if it bit him on the ass. Last night, we heard the news that Jon Stewart would be taking a 12-week hiatus from The Daily Show this summer to direct his first film... and it's not a comedy! To understand the story [...]

Yesterday’s show

I never did get around to posting yesterday's show ... while on the air I got a call to guest host the Randi Rhodes Show yesterday afternoon - and then had to take my kid to her softball game the minute I got back home.  Needless to say, the day got away from me. So... links I promised:  Click for the audio from Wednesday's Supreme Court hearing on the Voting Rights Act. Click here for the transcript to follow along. And here's Nicole Belle's "Fools on the Hill" write up: There are times that you watch the Sunday shows and you [...]

Voting Rights…Or Not

  Welcome to democracy's nightmare.  Today, it comes in the form of a lawsuit brought by Shelby County, Alabama challenging the Voting Rights Act working its way up to the Supreme Court.  More specifically, the part of the Voting Rights Act under attack today is Section 5 of the law that gives the Justice Department the right to review any changes in voting procedure proposed by a county or state that's covered under this provision before it's enacted. Greg Palast, author of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, has been covering the subject of voter suppression efforts for years now, and has [...]

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